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Bug Fixes

  • extraVolumeMounts: add missing features (999c3e69)
  • test: extraVolumeMounts tests were not included (3c4dece9)


  • extraVolumeMounts: add chartName parameter (694fac66)


  • extraVolumeMounts: extend documentation on subpath and items (20b02842)



Bug Fixes

  • podExtraLabels: apply extra labels only to pod templates (6f71f4b7)




  • extraingress: add extraingress docs (a92fb68b)


  • autoscaling:
    • add configurable behavior (c8afefb7)
    • enable autoscaling for Statefulset (e780f5d7)
  • command,args: use helper functions (b9855991)
  • extraIngress: add support for extraIngress objects (518e7f30)
  • jobspec: add ttlSecondsAfterFinished default/configurable value (6fffc81d)
  • keda: add scaling support for StatefulSets (9ad4f00e)
  • service: add automatic headless service (c6b12bdd)



Bug Fixes

  • healthcheck: allow optional healthcheck probes (c51060eb)


  • minor documentation updates (e732452b)



Public chart documentation is now available, featuring Quickstart guide, full documentation per each configuration value, as well as deployment examples.

New features

  • added: extraObjects
  • added: envFrom
  • added: headless service support
  • added: configMapsHash
  • added: ingress - svcPort for targeting backends
  • added: ingress - per path overrides for svcPort and pathType
  • added: ingress - withSSL support (automatic tls spec configuration)
  • added: podExtraLabels
  • added: extraVolumeMounts
  • added: extraSecrets
  • added: unit tests for each top-level values.yaml configuration key


  • change: split deployment tests
  • fixed: empty lines in volumeMounts
  • change: ingress - make path in host optional
  • change: statefulsets template will use kubedeploy.kubeVersion function when checking for Kubernetes version
  • change: ingress - host in hosts list is now required.
  • change: ingress - removed default dummy domain from ingress hosts
  • change: ingress - ingress.tls is now empty and optional in favor of withSSL. If defined by user it will override withSSL configuration.
  • change: ingress - template will use kubedeploy.kubeVersion function when checking for Kubernetes version
  • change: service - default ports are now empty and optional. Template will try to autodetect container ports if service.ports are unspecified


  • bugfix: use standardized label selectors for chart managed NetworkPolicy objects
  • bugfix: set default value (healthcheck.enabled: false) for additoinalContainers healthcheck if unspecified
  • bugfix: autoscaling HPA object spec bug
  • bugfix: ingress - will now respect path under hosts list (previusly always defaulted to /)
  • bugfix: affinity will now disable automatic podAntiAffinity rules reducing possibility of rule collisions.


Breaking changes

  • Persistent volumes are now available only with statefulsets. Previous version of chart allowed for persistent volumes with deploymentMode: Deployment when replicaCount was less than 2. From version 1.0.0 persistent volumes will be supported only for statefulsets.
  • configMaps in version 0.8.0 where not generating unique names across releases. Starting from version 1.0.0 defined configmap names will have their final name prefixed using fullname helper function.

New Features

  • added support for defining NetworkPolicy objects ( by using .Values.networkPolicy. If networkpolicies are enabled, chart will automatically add ingress rules for monitoring and ingress
  • it is now possible to define multiple containers in pods by using .Values.additionalContainers
  • extended support for defining fine grained resource options for each container in .Values.additionalContainers and .Values.initContainers
  • added support for mounting configmaps as volumes in pods by using .Values.configMaps[].mount: True and defining .Values.configMaps[].mountPath
  • added deploymentMode of type Cronjob. See .Values.cronjobspec for more details
  • added support for defining minReadySeconds for Deployments and Statefulsets
  • added support for defining topologySpreadConstraints
  • added .Values.podAntiAffinity and .Values.podAntiAffinityTopologyKey for easier definition of pod antiaffinity rules.
  • added support for defining main container lifecycle hooks in .Values.image.lifecycle
  • other code improvements and bug fixes


  • added KEDA 2.x support


  • add option to disable automatic healthcheck probes


Breaking change - Use fullname helper for defining This fixes scenario where would always be kubedeploy if nameOverride is not set. In this fix, fullNameOverride will be used first, then nameOverride if present, if none are present, use release name + chart name as app name label - Use image.tag value if available for


  • added support for defining ConfigMap objects from values


  • fixed bug with monitoring label matchers
  • fixed bug with default scrapeTimeout value


  • added support for enabling monitoring via prometheus operator.
  • cleaned up helmchart documentation for easier readability


  • added support for overriding healthcheck probes


  • added support for multiple init containers in Job, Deployment and Statefulset deployment mode


  • added support for init container in Job, Deployment and Statefulset deployment mode


  • don't set port 80 on containers by default
  • deploy liveness and readiness probes only when http port name is defined


  • fix ingress backend port targeting


  • fixed wrongly nested command option in deployment and statefulset


  • added support for image commands


  • added support for job workloads
  • added support for statefulset workloads
  • minor bug fixes


  • fixed container name to full name instead of chart name


  • added public docs and chart home url


  • added support for defining container and service ports
  • added podDisruptionBudget support
  • added container env varialbes support
  • updated chart metadata


Initial release