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Pods do not disappear until someone (a person or a controller) destroys them, or there is an unavoidable hardware or system software error.

See Best Practices for more information on voluntary and involuntary disruptions.

podDisruptionBudget value in Kubedeploy allows you to define budgets for voluntary disruptions.


By default podDisruptionBudget is undefined.

Create podDisruptionBudget with multiple replicas

nameOverride: my-app
  repository: nginx
  tag: latest

replicaCount: 3

  enabled: true
  minAvailable: 2
Deploy command
helm install webapp sysbee/kubedeploy -f values.yaml

In the example configuration above, we ensure that our Pod has 3 replicas at normal runtime. Configured PodDisruptionBudget requires that at least 2 replicas are always available during any voluntary disruptions.


To learn more about Pod disruptions and PodDisruptionBudgets, please refer to the official documentation.

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